Anger Resolution

Charles B.

My wife tells me that since I have been attending anger seminars that our relationship has improved dramatically. I wanted anger resolution, not management. Ecc.4:9-12 Two are better than one….. a threefold cord is not a quickly broken. This refers to me that God is in our relationship.

Dan R.

Anger, I have dealt (or not dealt) with my anger for the better part of my 56 years. Recovery Alaska – Anger Resolution has helped me understand, deal with, and control my anger. Most of all it has done it from a biblical stand point. The small discussion groups have also been beneficial – to see that I am not a lonely old angry person.

Liz S.

The Anger Resolution has really brought a lot of positive attitude to my life. The class has not only helped me with my anger but it also helps me in my spiritual walk with Christ.

Jose V.

Recovery Alaska, I thank God for showing me one more way to help me to change my life to God. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and for the ones we need help with.

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Recovery Alaska offers groups for Men and Women alike. We seek to develop the individual by walking along side them as God's grace works through their lives bringing about his healing.

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