To determine your potential vulnerability to depression, check the following items that apply to you

1. I feel sad or discouraged more than I would like.

2. It is easy to dwell on what might go wrong. I can be pessimistic.

3. Socially, I would prefer to withdraw rather than to be in groups.

4. I have a low interest these days in sexual activity.

5. Others might describe me as moody or irritable.

6. I have regrets about the past that will not fade easily.

7. Sometimes I struggle with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

8. There have been times recently when the thought of dying has seemed appealing.

9. Laughter and joviality do not come as naturally as they once did.

10. My sleep patterns have been irregular; either I want to sleep too much or I cannot sleep enough.

11. My appetite has changed; I eat either too much or too little.

12. I cannot seem to sustain my motivation to complete tasks.

13. My concentration level is just not what it should be.

14. I cannot seem to get over feelings of grief or loss.

15. I feel on the verge of crying more than I normally should be.

16. Recently I’ve been thinking more about things I resent.

17. I find it hard to be fully open in disclosing my deepest feelings and needs.

18. Lately I have felt trapped by a sense of duty and obligation.

19. I have had a hard time handling feelings of rejection or abandonment.


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