Anger Resolution


Are you hurt and offended by people or situations that should not bother you?


Do the weaknesses and limitations of others frustrate or exasperate you?

Raised Voice

To get your point across, do you speak louder or even shout or yell?

Glaring Eyes

Do you glare at someone who has offended you?

Hurtful Words

Do you show contempt or disapproval by calling people names?

Explosive Actions

When tension builds, do you slam doors, pound your fist, or break things?


Do you allow yourself to get involved in heated arguments or debates?

Clenched Teeth

Do your jaw muscles tighten in frustration? Do you grind your teeth at night?

How often do you experience anger?

How do you express your anger?

How long does your anger last?

Who is damaged by your anger?

Do you really want to conquer anger?

(Taken from symptoms of anger)

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