Anger Resolution

When Anger Hits Home

A book by by Gary Oliver & H. Norman Wright. Deals specifically with the effect of anger on family relationships. Included are chapters on how anger affects men, women, children, and marriages. Helps identify anger style and the sources of anger.

Healing For Damaged Emotions

A book by Dr. David Seamands. Designed to give you the tools to examine your life and find healing for the painful scars that cripple your emotions. Has helped hundreds of thousands to deal honestly and successfully with inner hurts.

Recovering From The Losses Of Life

A book by H. Norman Wright. Help to recover from life's inevitable losses. Helps readers identify and grieve their losses and adjust to the new lifestyle created because of those losses.

Healing For The Empty Heart

A book by Marion Duckworth. Written for women who feel empty and lonely inside, offering a spiritual journey out of emotional emptiness, loneliness, isolation, hurt and betrayal, into a healthy life through Jesus Christ.

A Path Through Suffering

A book by Elisabeth Elliot. Helps readers through the process of pain, suffering, grief and loss while discovering the joy of the Lord's presence as He guides us through such times.

Reconcilable Differences

A book by Dr. Jim Talley. Shows why reconciliation is worth the effort; how to resolve conflicts; and to rebuild a relationship based on friendship, mutual love, and trust.

Love Must Be Tough

A book by Dr. James Dobson. Important reading for damaged relationships. It's common to see the person trying to reconcile take a "doormat" posture, which can actually hurt chances for reconciliation. Explores the concept of "loving toughness," especially when the other person is engaged in sinful behavior.

The Path Of Loneliness

A book by Elisabeth Elliot. Personal insight into loneliness and how she found peace by accepting her circumstances and offering them to God, who can then turn loneliness into something to be used in the lives of others.

Groups Offered

Recovery Alaska offers groups for Men and Women alike. We seek to develop the individual by walking along side them as God's grace works through their lives bringing about his healing.

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